Students are able to link the present challenges of economic development to relevant historical foundations and examine clear pathways to possible solutions.

Understand history to help the present and shape the future as the future of communities is embedded in their history.

  • Examine the relationships between the different communities in Nigeria before the advent of the European traders/colonial masters.
  • Discusses the issues of slave trade both the trans-Atlantic and the trans-Saharan episodes and how they impacted their communities, shaping their future development; the roles of slave merchants and abolition societies.
  • Explore the process of consolidating colonized territories. The purpose of amalgamation. 
  • The intents, challenges and consequences on political foundations. 
  • Effects on psyche and learned behaviour.
  • Pre- and post-independence problems, prospects and progress.


Class Instructor: Fewi Fawehinmi

Course Information

Estimated Time: 120 Minutes

Course Instructor